• This contract is valid for online applications.
  • The terms of use of service consist of the following rules.
  • Before ordering any product on our website, read the terms of use fully!
  • The usage agreement includes termination, warranty information, responsibilities and rules that you must comply with.
  • If you do not agree with this contract or any of its terms, please cancel your order.
  • Do not order any product or service.


The use of the services offered on the site and the services to be purchased between HOUSEMAX MEDYA (referred to as HOUSEMAX), which provides the services specified on the website, and the legal and real persons who will receive services from HOUSEMAX (referred to as the customer or account holder). It will be deemed to have been signed with the terms and conditions stated below.

This contract is valid for applications made over the internet, the terms of use consist of the following rules.

This contract is deemed to have been signed with the customer receiving the service, and the parties hereby declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this contract. All customers can read all contracts on our website, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


After the payment made to us, the necessary checks will be made and your account will be activated if no fraud is detected. It is your responsibility to provide us with a working email address. We will communicate with you through this e-mail in case of a violation of the contract of use or when we need to contact you. It is your responsibility to use an email account that is always up to date and open. You need to contact our customer representative to make the necessary changes to update the unchangeable information. For credit card payments that are not made with 3D Secure, customer representatives may request identification information by the government connected to the credit card used, in which case the ID must be scanned and sent to us. If you do not fulfill these conditions, your order may be considered fraudulent and may be canceled.


All accounts provided by HOUSEMAX can only be used within legal permissions. All our customers who benefit from our services are deemed to have accepted with this agreement that all the content they publish is legal and harmless. In addition, customers are responsible for all content they publish and HOUSEMAX cannot be held responsible for the content published by customers.

Any copyright or trademark infringement while using our service is strictly prohibited. This is not limited to the unauthorized copying of video, music, books, photographs or any other copyrighted works. Unauthorized posting of any trademark owner’s products will result in immediate termination of your account. In case of any copyright infringement, the user account will be quickly removed or access to their account will be restricted. In case of repeat infringement on any account, copyright laws will be suspended or hosting account will be terminated.


It is not allowed to use purchased services as backup space. (Except panel backup of the same account). Again, it is not allowed to use the account as a file repository. Examples of transactions that are not allowed on all of our hosting servers (such as videos and files posted from the account) are listed below;

IRC Scripts / Bots
Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers
Pirate Software / Warez
Photo Hosting Scripts (For example Photobucket or Tinypic etc…)
AutoSurf / PTC / PTS / PPC sites
IP Scanners
Bruteforce Programs / Scripts / Applications
Mail Bombers / SpamScripts and Mailer Pro
Banner-Name services
File Dump / Mirror Scripts (such as rapidshare, megaupload etc …)
Commercial AudioStreaming
Selling items without proper permissions
Sites with all kinds of content such as Adult, Erotic, Adult Story / Video
Lottery / Gambling Sites
Hacker sites focused / archives / programs
Sites promoting illegal activities
Distribution or sharing of warez / pirated / illegal content on forums or websites
Bank Bonds / Bank Bill Trading Programs
Fraudulent Sites
Broadcast or Streaming Live Sports Events

When an account holder is connected to a third party network or system without the permission of the third party, the account will be suspended. In order to access the network or system, you must have a written document belonging to a third party for the transaction under your control. In the HOUSEMAX servers, the documents are requested from the authorized party for the requests to connect to the network or system of the third party.

HOUSEMAX reserves the right to refuse service to any account holder. When a material you post is obscene, threatening, illegal or in some way violating the contract of use, your account may be removed or deactivated from our servers with or without notifying you.

When you receive an e-mail from our technical department, you are obliged to respond to the notification within 24 hours via the support ticket. If there is no response within 24 hours, the service must be suspended or terminated. If you have any doubts about the acceptability of your site or services, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to Do not forget that we will be happy to assist you.


We have zero tolerance for sending bulk spam and similar unsolicited e-mails. Mails sent from member databases, mailing lists purchased and sending mails to them are considered spam mails. The client account that sends spam will be canceled directly without warning.

You cannot send spam mail from a server that does not belong to HOUSEMAX and host the advertised site on our servers. If any account enters the IP address spam blacklists because of the account owner, the account will be suspended or closed immediately.

HOUSEMAX reserves the right to change or close any site, account, database or other components that do not comply with the contract of use, and to make changes in case of emergency according to its own situation.

It is strictly forbidden to post content that could potentially harm minors, such as child pornography or similar perceived content. If child pornography is hosted or reported on any site, the account will be canceled and deleted immediately without notice.

Our servers automatically detect the software installed or installed to access the information of third parties who have an account, and automatically suspend the account. If such situations are not detected automatically, system administrators remove the transactions made by the account owner from the logs and allow the account to be suspended directly. Accounts are canceled with the detection of this problem being deliberately made by the account owner.

DDoS attacks that may come to an account, mail bomer, flood, ip spoffing, etc. As other users on the server are affected by such attacks, the account is temporarily suspended immediately. Accounts that experience this problem frequently will be canceled.

In case of sudden resource consumption and frequent occurrence that may affect the overall server, the account will be suspended immediately in order not to affect other accounts. Accounts that experience this problem frequently will be canceled.

If the site is infected with a virus or malicious code for any reason, the account is immediately closed and the user is informed. If the user clears the site from viruses and malicious codes, it will be reopened.


All payments are made in advance. In other words, no payment is made after using the service, payment is received before using the service. The date when the order is completed and the account is activated will be defined as the last payment date for recurring invoices. If the last payment of the invoice is over 5 days, the invoices will be automatically canceled and the account will be closed. However, if the customer requests to continue the service after 10 days after the cancellation of the account, the invoice is manually re-created and the account is suspended until the payment is made.


Backup of accounts is done every Sunday. Again, repeated backups overwrite previous backups, we can only keep backups for a week. The backup is done automatically by the automation system, and it is provided to you as a courtesy service. HOUSEMAX is not responsible for your data regarding your account for any reason. Customers are responsible for keeping and maintaining their backups themselves.


In case of problems caused by HOUSEMAX and this problem cannot be corrected within 48 hours, our customers have a 365-day refund guarantee. For this process, it will be sufficient to provide information to support [at] HOUSEMAX cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by faulty transactions.

Customer accounts that do not comply with the usage agreement, consume excessive resources and reside on HOUSEMAX servers for similar reasons may also cancel. In such cases, refunds are only possible for non-monthly payments, unless there is any fraud or fraudulent nature. (Annual, two-year, three-year, etc.) In case of a refund, discounts for long-term purchases will be deducted from the fee. (If the 3-year service is canceled within 6 months, the remaining amount may be refunded by deducting the 6-month normal tariff fee.) Returns made as a result of the cancellation of the service by HOUSEMAX can be returned via the payment channel made by the customer. Apart from this, the customer cannot request a refund to a different payment channel. Refunds made by credit card can be made to the same credit card, and refunds made by bank transfer can only be made to the same bank account. Transfer commissions charged by banks in refunds are deducted from the refund fee.

Refunds and partial refunds are made by issuing the return invoice or sending the original invoice back. All postal or shipping costs related to invoices are deducted from the amount to be refunded.


Resource usage on HOUSEMAX servers is bound by certain rules. These rules are listed as follows;
Any operation opened on behalf of a user on servers cannot spend more than 25% of system resources and cannot run longer than 90 seconds.
(For example, CGI Scripts, PHP Transactions, Cron processes etc.)
Any service that will work exclusively on behalf of users is not allowed to work on servers. (For example game exes like IRCd, okey etc …)
Any web spiders, indexing software, bots that collect content from outside are not allowed to run on the servers.
Any software related to IRCd is not allowed to run.
Both clients and servers of software that enables file sharing such as Bittorrent cannot be run on our servers.
Any P2P, file sharing activity is not allowed.
It is forbidden to run game server software on our servers.
Less than 15 minutes period tiers cannot be started.
Any Mysql query cannot run longer than 15 seconds. Static files cannot be hosted in MySQL databases. (Image files etc.)
The http protocol can be used with the permission of HOUSEMAX.

In traffic quotas defined as unlimited, usage is limited on the basis of “fair use”. The purpose here is to enable users to get service away from traffic quota concerns. HOUSEMAX aims to provide unlimited service to its users with unlimited traffic, so the unlimited traffic quotas should not affect the service received by other users on the server. If the system load that will occur as a result of traffic usage causes problems with the service received by other users, our company reserves the right to interfere with such users.

The mail service provided on our servers is provided to meet the basic mail traffic needs of our users. Due to the fact that these servers are used as web servers and optimized for this purpose, the mail system should not work at a density that will disrupt the web service on the server. Systems that provide free public mail service are not allowed to be broadcast on our servers. However, HOUSEMAX reserves the right to interfere with users who engage in activities that will cause overload in the mail system.


Support operations are carried out through the support desk software on our site. Our company cannot be held responsible for support messages sent to us through channels other than this (e-mail, public sites, instant messaging systems, etc.).

Only the person who purchased the account can make a support request for an account. Support requests cannot be submitted or opened through third parties. Requests opened are not taken into consideration.

Every transaction sent to the support desk by the account owner is done without a query. Therefore, our company cannot be held responsible for the damages caused by users whose system login information is obtained by third parties in any way.

The scope of technical support is limited to the infrastructure service provided. The scope of this infrastructure service is the hardware of the server used, the operating system and control panel software running on it, the main services connected to it (Web server, Mail server, FTP server, etc.) and the network access of the server. Technical support of systems such as software and scripts to be installed on the service purchased from our company is beyond our scope of service.


The size of the backup files is included in the user’s disk space.


The traffic quota determined for the accounts is calculated between the starting day and the last day of each month. During this period, access to accounts whose traffic quota has expired are automatically blocked. In order to reopen the account, traffic quota must be purchased or a higher package is required. The account holder, who does not do this, must wait until the starting day of the next month for the traffic quota to be reset. Traffic quotas not used within the month are not transferred to the next month.


For purchased services, if problems arising from HOUSEMAX cannot be resolved within 48 hours, a 365-day money back guarantee is available. The commissions received by the banks arising from this refund and the postal or shipping fees arising from the invoice return must be deducted from the refunded fee. There is no refund for purchased SSL certificates and domain names. There is no money back guarantee for all products and services with monthly recurring payments. Money-back guarantee is only available to users who pay annually and above. Longer-term payments other than monthly payments can be refunded.


It indicates the rate during the period excluding planned maintenance works and malfunctions caused by companies, server failures or customer errors. If you fall below this promised rate, you can request a refund for that month.


Reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of resources provided. To illustrate this, if there is a price change made within 6 months from the user who has made an annual payment, no extra fee will be charged until it expires. However, when it expires, it has to pay at the new rate when making a new payment. This rule is valid for falling payments. Due to the decrease in prices, the customer cannot request a refund.


Discount coupons are reserved for first time buyers on Discount codes cannot be used for purchased products. Or a refund cannot be requested due to discount coupons. Discount coupons or discounts are only valid on the first purchase. Users who abuse this rule can be stopped or even canceled when their account is detected. In addition, the campaigns made cannot be combined with other accounts and other campaigns. You should not make such requests.


This contract consists of the heading of the “Amendments” at the top and the “Amendments” at the bottom, and it has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature. It is deemed to be realized by sending the order to on the internet).

Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract.


It is entered as an announcement. Other than that, changes made via e-mail or any other communication channel are not reported.